Dev Services

Portfolio of implementation

In the following parts of concrete project realizations we can support you in the software creation.

Exposed services and applications

From webclients to backend services, messaging systems or alternative middlewares to legacy apps hosted on premise or remote

Glue in between

Build- and deploy chains result in autopatched container and microservice runtimes as well as the quality and operational systems

Mobile clients

App, HMI or ubiquitous device development and their interfaces to your backends and consuming networks

Infrastructure saved in repository

Networks, protocols, access routes and authentication policies build to rollout on "one-click" and that are rebuildable immediatly

Concrete Frameworks

Supported techniques

We try to orchestrate solutions on the actual demand from following concepts:


object, functional, reactive or declarative

response, message or data oriented


container, multicloud, autoscaling and serverless solutions

pipeline factors on continuous, qa, performance and security

Process Modeling

BPM, MDA, data-driven and cloud

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Implementation Structures

We focus on following blocks and reciepes in our projects


Infrastructure Design as Code scaled on demand
Containerd and serverless app models
Unattended Rollout on positive Quality Assurance


Peel all Layers in Infra, Ops, Dev and Processes
All systems, code or data can be moved or rebuild immediatly
Only open components to be able to touch each aspect


Reuse your structures to adopt easily
Control complexity by service granularity
Generalize and integrate whenever possible

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