Rematerialize in the Cloud

Break the complexity by merging into controllable patterns

We support our customers in the IT transformation process by applying well tested modularity to the business processes enabling the most possible freedom for development by staying flexible and maintainable.

Define the Layers

In times of containerization and microservices the granularity of rebuild and release strategies change from predefined intervals to async feature driven rollouts. We help to find the right degree for your project.

From Prototype

We rampup under these principles a complete trigger driven change pipeline trying to interconnect all aspects of your communication model and processes.

To Product

The final system is created to be extensible and evolvable. To integrate or easily adopt the newest technical innovations the right modularity of your components is needed for not being locked.

About Us

Our Services

Based on best practices, emerging technologies and realizing frameworks we support:

  • Creation of Software
  • Setup of CI/CD Pipelines
  • Applying Security Patterns
  • Control processes via Quality Gates
  • Develop Deployment and Release Strategies
  • Automation in all Levels of the Business Process
  • Migration to native, on-premise and hybrid cloudsystems
Project cosmos

Fields of Work

Until now we have successfully realized projects in the following fields:

Software Design
Based on proved patterns and state of the art frameworks we implement code structures, modules and components. Currently we focus on microservice abstractions and app development.

This paradigm postulates a shift of responsibility in the creation and rollout process. We support it with best practices and latest innovations in this field.


The search for agile development methods results in new building and hosting abstractions. Tools like container runtimes, service meshes or serverless approaches require new production pipelines. We realize our projects with the latest solutions from this macrocosmos.


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